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I went to the Brookhaven Arts Festival today. I have been patiently (or not so) waiting for it for the past two months. I went for the first time last year and was amazed at the amount of talent that exists in my own little neighborhood. The volume of amazing paintings, unique jewelry pieces, and breathtaking photography was outstanding. I left the booths last year without a cent left in my wallet; this year ended the same. :)

I love fall festivals. It is not about the crispness in the air (on the contrary; today was nice and warm, and the sun was beating down on us) or the cute scarves. I think I love them because this is the time that creativity has a platform to stand on. All of the festivals are loudly letting everyone know that hobbies are fruitful and awesome. More than anything, they are inspiring.

Every time I leave one, I feel a need to go home immediately and write or draw or crochet or... something! It is a time-tested notion that seeing other people's passions gets your ideas flowing fast.

You also meet such great people at festivals. Almost everyone there has at least one interest that you have, right? And the artists themselves usually are such warm and great people. Yes they are trying to make a sale, but their auras are great as well. You want to leave the festival after it is over and grab a cup of hot chocolate with them. (I'm not a coffee girl.)

And let us not forget about the food that you can get at them. Funnel cakes, corn dogs, barbecue, ice cream, cotton candy, lemonade freezes, the works! Nothing better, my friends.

I guess this post is a "Yay for festivals" one, and I am so okay with that.
October is still young! I hope you can go and check out one of your local festivals soon. I promise you will not regret it (your pocketbook might, but you won't!).

Remember to love.

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