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I am new to DreamWidth and am looking for people to add onto my reading page. So, if I added you, that means I like your writing, think you are funny, or can relate to your interests. I am definitely that girl who likes to add people I've never met. I have solid proof from previous experiences that people like that become great online buddies for me, and I want to keep that going.

Okay, enough business. Time for some nerdiness.

I am a serious Conan O'Brien fan. Love the red hair out of him. :) I adore him so much that I wrote a 1600 word article about him at my alma mater. He is coming back to the good ol' telly in 27 days, and in honor of that, I have been downloading CoCo icons to use in November. They will be used starting on the eighth and probably until the end of the month. I don't think there are enough Conan icons out there to satisfy by fandom, so I am going to be making my own. Once they are done, I will definitely share the love with you all.

I cannot tell you how excited I am about his new show. I remember vividly anxiously awaiting his premiere of The Tonight Show last June (I can't believe it has been over a year now!), and I was thrown away by his opening night montage. He ran all the way from NY to LA. It was a fantastic scene, and the editing for it was phenomenal. So I'm wondering how he is going to out-do himself for this premiere.

However, if anyone can one-up themselves, I know CoCo can.

Remember to love.

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