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Hello. I'm a Dallas. This entry is for anyone who may be interested in friending me, or wanting to get to know me better, or is wondering why I added them as a friend (I like to add people I've never met - it's like penpal-ing. :). It has taken me two years to finish this list; it is hard to remember things about yourself once you pass number twenty. :)

To get to the point, here are a 100 things about me.

  1. I’m originally from Dallas, Texas, but I now live in Atlanta.
  2. I love this weird life that I am living.
  3. I read a lot of things online (blogs, articles, etc.), but there is nothing like turning a page in a book.
  4. I have an unhealthy obsession with pink. There is an ongoing discussion about whether this obsession occurred from nature or nurture.
  5. I was nicknamed Pinkie the day I was born and was thus thrown into every pink contraption known to man. Either I was meant to hate it or love. I guess I chose option #2.
  6. I am a slight germophobe. I think I took watching The Magic School Bus a bit too seriously.
  7. I now wash my hands innumerable times a day.
  8. I’m a bit of a romantic.
  9. And by “a bit” I mean When Harry Met Sally was my favorite movie when I was five years old.
  10. I have a serious relationship with Cherry Chapstick.  All other lip moisturizers make my skin break out.
  11. I hate slamming things shut or stomping around. I'm very stealthy when it comes to moving around the house.
  12.  I love the art of writing letters. There is something magical about pen-pals, whether you’ve met them in life or not.
  13.  I think I would be perfectly happy living my life as a calligrapher.
  14.  I am fascinated by trivial information. I want to know more of it all of the time.
  15.  I know that honey is the only food that doesn’t spoil, and that absolutely baffles me.
  16.  I am addicted to and in love with hot chocolate.
  17.  In lieu of that, I do not have an acquired taste for coffee. My palette cannot handle it for some reason.
  18.  However, I adore the atmospheres of coffee shops – they’re so quirky. I love sitting in them and people-watching.
  19.  I sincerely believe in love at first sight.
  20.  I experienced it when I was very young.  It was one of the most terrifying things on the planet to have happen to me, but also one of the most exhilarating aspects of my life.
  21.  Though I am a romantic, I have a severe logical side to me, which creates a huge left-brain, right-brain battle in my head.
  22.  I adore puzzles of any kind. Crossword, word-search, Sodoku, puzzles pieces – I’m all yours.
  23.  I’m a slight caffeine addict.
  24.  Take my Coke away from me, and you might get injured.
  25.  I’m the middle sibling of three – one older brother and a younger sister. We’ve gotten a lot closer since I moved away. This makes me very happy.
  26.  I love them.
  27.  I have a true sincerity for eye-shadow and nail polish.
  28.  To me, the eyes have a tell-all sign in them and should be decorated; and my hands are the most expressive parts of my body, so adding color to the fingertips just makes sense.
  29.  When I listen to a song I know well, I have to at least dance and/or lip-sync to it, if not sing along out loud.
  30. This is why I can’t listen to music when I’m getting ready in the morning – it would take me forever to leave the house.
  31.  I don’t own an iPod. Never have.
  32.  Podcasts are my favorites. I love those things! It takes me back to really good talk radio.
  33.  My room is never as clean as I want it to be.
  34.  I’m a Christian, but I don’t believe in closed-minded religion.
  35.  I love learning about world religions; I believe they are all connected in several ways.
  36.  My best friend told me that I was the black embodiment of the character Felicity (besides the whole moving to a different city for a boy).
  37.  If you haven’t seen the show, it basically means I try to understand the world around me, sometimes to the point where I end up hurt.
  38.  P.S. I am addicted to television. In general.
  39.  I write a commentary piece on the Emmy’s every year.
  40.  Chocolate lover? *raises hand*
  41.  When I was a little girl, there was a time when we had two rabbits, a frog, a gecko, several fish, two chicks, a dog, and a parakeet all at the same time.
  42.  I kind of want that to happen again when/if I grow up. :)
  43.  I believe cooking is a therapeutic activity.  Nothing makes you feel better than a well-seasoned meal that you created yourself.
  44.  I can’t lip-read. No matter how many times you try to get me to understand you, it won’t work. Ever. Nope, stop doing it. It still doesn’t work.
  45.  I love to talk about religion and politics. I feel that no one can say they are truly open-minded unless they respect other people’s opinions and listen often.
  46.  I’m a Leo through and through. I’m a theater lover, talkative, stubborn, and a leader. I also roar in my sleep.
  47.  I’m a kidder.
  48.  I consider myself an amateur photographer. I don’t know many technical terms, but I’m a sucker for simplistic lines and intense color.
  49.  Naps have saved my life I’m sure. I’m a serious nocturnal animal who does not have a healthy sleeping pattern.
  50.  My friend Kate calls me a voluntary insomniac. I am proud of that title.
  51.  I never eat an entire fortune cookie. I break it in two, eat one half, read the fortune, and then throw the rest of the cookie away. In that order.
  52.  If I’m really looking forward to watching a TV show or movie, I hate ANY type of spoilers. I don’t even want to know episode titles or read summaries, and sometimes, I’ll even avoid trailers.
  53. Smiling is my favorite.
  54.  I worship the SNOOZE button.
  55.  I believe that wildflowers are magical, and there is a power in the wind that can replenish your soul.
  56.  I am all about the hugs.
  57.  I cannot stand sitting on barstools.
  58.  I don’t have a cutesy/weird obsession with cute, furry animals. I’ve never gotten the urge to watch several youtube videos of cats wearing cute clothes, having cute expressions, or running into things.
  59. However, my soft spot is for dogs! Love them. I think they are the best loyal friends anyone can find.
  60.  I think chocolate chip, macadamia nut cookies are the best type of cookies in the universe.
  61.  I still sleep with a huge teddy bear. This did not come from my childhood; it started in college. I bloom late.
  62.  Technology inspires and terrifies me.
  63.  I love watching documentaries. I wish they were more popular and mainstream. You learn so much and can form your own ideas after further research.
  64.  I’m a fan of football, but my heart lies with tennis. I started watching it to understand what in the world all of this ‘love’ business was about and got hooked.
  65.  I love American culture. I think we have a lot of odd and great traditions and characteristics. I intend to do several cross-country road trips in my life.
  66.  I’m a serious fan of The Office, Queer as Folk, and Seinfeld. I think each of these shows changed the way television shows were made.
  67.  One of my top priorities in life is to stay close to my friends and make sure to love as much and as deep as possible.
  68.  I never want a wish on my deathbed to be “I wish I would have loved more, or told [insert name here] I loved them everyday.” I want to love like I’ve never been hurt.
  69.  There is a serous intuitive streak in me. I can read people a bit too well. This freaks out a lot of my friends. Lol.
  70.  That’s why I’m horrible at contacting people online. I like to talk to you in person and read your moods and reactions.
  71.  Huge theater fan! Watching people act onstage is something that I will never tire of. When their emotions are high, you can feel it and wrap yourself into the story. It’s a beautiful thing.
  72.  It took me quite awhile to finish college, but I wouldn’t trade that time for anything else in the world. I grew and learned so much and met incredible people who have changed my life.
  73.  I’m a fan of slow-paced movies. I like the feelings and emotions to build over time and pull you into each character’s mind. It’s probably why I love the stage so much.
  74.  I’m a dance-lover. Getting lost in the music by swaying those hips makes everything better in life.
  75.  Used bookstores are the greatest buildings to walk into. The corporate chains are nice and all, but nothing compares to scouring bookshelves and bins for hidden, literary finds that someone else gave away.
  76.  I’m a sucker for creativity. Doesn’t matter what form it comes in; it’s a beauty to see the process and its finished result.
  77.  I’m an art history major. “Art is the representation of that which the mind can imagine but only the heart knows to be true.”
  78.  I have a geek-techie side to me. When I first entered college, I was a computer science major.
  79.  I like to write in code. HTML, CSS, C++. Java.
  80.  My best friend and I work on a podcast online, Pretty and Peculiar. It’s one of my favorite things to do.
  81.  I adore hoodies and pajamas. They are the epitome of comfort.
  82.  Flip-flops are my best friends.
  83.  I am a tried-and-true summer baby.
  84.  Picnics and reading in the sun are great pastimes.
  85.  My southern accent comes through big time when I get really tired or excited.
  86.  I love to write poetry, short stories, and monologues. Very therapeutic.
  87.  I like to cross days off calendars with hearts instead of Xs. When I cross off a day, it has be officially the next day – midnight or later. Never sooner than that.
  88.  I’m a pushover for stationery, especially hand-made.
  89.  Post-it notes and tiny notebooks are all around my room. I can never stop collecting them.
  90.  To-do lists help keep me sane. The feeling I get when I see all of the words crossed off at the end of the day is a great one.
  91.  I have at least four dreams a night. My subconscious becomes very busy while I’m asleep.
  92.  I love coloring books. They keep the child in me very happy and alive.
  93.  I tend to procrastinate. A lot. A lot a lot.
  94.  Every time I see ellipses in a sentence, I always mentally pause and stress the last word read (like you’re supposed to).
  95.  When I speak to my family back home, especially my grandmother, I quickly adapt a serious Texan twang. It usually takes at least thirty minutes after the fact for it to go away.
  96.  I like to plan and host parties. I’ve gotten pretty good at them, and I love when people ask when am I planning the next one.
  97.  Fall festivals are my favorite part of autumn. Your city culture is portrayed at its best during those times.
  98.  Ice cream is not seasonal for me; it’s a year-round adventure that I adore.
  99.  For some odd reason, I love to dance in elevators.
  100. I believe people fear love more than they do war; if I can change one person's opinion about that, my heart will be a happy home.

Remember to love.
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I went to the Brookhaven Arts Festival today. I have been patiently (or not so) waiting for it for the past two months. I went for the first time last year and was amazed at the amount of talent that exists in my own little neighborhood. The volume of amazing paintings, unique jewelry pieces, and breathtaking photography was outstanding. I left the booths last year without a cent left in my wallet; this year ended the same. :)

I love fall festivals. It is not about the crispness in the air (on the contrary; today was nice and warm, and the sun was beating down on us) or the cute scarves. I think I love them because this is the time that creativity has a platform to stand on. All of the festivals are loudly letting everyone know that hobbies are fruitful and awesome. More than anything, they are inspiring.

Every time I leave one, I feel a need to go home immediately and write or draw or crochet or... something! It is a time-tested notion that seeing other people's passions gets your ideas flowing fast.

You also meet such great people at festivals. Almost everyone there has at least one interest that you have, right? And the artists themselves usually are such warm and great people. Yes they are trying to make a sale, but their auras are great as well. You want to leave the festival after it is over and grab a cup of hot chocolate with them. (I'm not a coffee girl.)

And let us not forget about the food that you can get at them. Funnel cakes, corn dogs, barbecue, ice cream, cotton candy, lemonade freezes, the works! Nothing better, my friends.

I guess this post is a "Yay for festivals" one, and I am so okay with that.
October is still young! I hope you can go and check out one of your local festivals soon. I promise you will not regret it (your pocketbook might, but you won't!).

Remember to love.
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I am new to DreamWidth and am looking for people to add onto my reading page. So, if I added you, that means I like your writing, think you are funny, or can relate to your interests. I am definitely that girl who likes to add people I've never met. I have solid proof from previous experiences that people like that become great online buddies for me, and I want to keep that going.

Okay, enough business. Time for some nerdiness.

I am a serious Conan O'Brien fan. Love the red hair out of him. :) I adore him so much that I wrote a 1600 word article about him at my alma mater. He is coming back to the good ol' telly in 27 days, and in honor of that, I have been downloading CoCo icons to use in November. They will be used starting on the eighth and probably until the end of the month. I don't think there are enough Conan icons out there to satisfy by fandom, so I am going to be making my own. Once they are done, I will definitely share the love with you all.

I cannot tell you how excited I am about his new show. I remember vividly anxiously awaiting his premiere of The Tonight Show last June (I can't believe it has been over a year now!), and I was thrown away by his opening night montage. He ran all the way from NY to LA. It was a fantastic scene, and the editing for it was phenomenal. So I'm wondering how he is going to out-do himself for this premiere.

However, if anyone can one-up themselves, I know CoCo can.

Remember to love.
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My name is Dallas. Actually, it's not. It's the nickname I received when I came to Atlanta for college. One of my RAs thought it would be cool to be named after the city I was from. Since then, I'm Dallas to all who know me here - friends, professors, my boss, etc. When I'm here in Atlanta, no other name exists for me - Dallas is who I am - and I'm very happy with that. I'm used to nicknames. lol.

I'm 25, and depending on the day, I can either look a little like I'm 16 or 37; it all depends on how I'm feeling. I have one younger sister, who is 19, and an older brother, who is 29. In my head, my sister is still 10, I'm 16, and my brother is 20. I feel like we never change really. My family is in love with pets. We had a wonderful dog named Sable, officially Princess Sable, who was a dachshund. She died in January of '08 while I was home for break, and I was absolutely devastated. She was with me for so many hard times during my life; I really did lose a part of me when she left us. We also have 2 parakeets, Jimmy and Bossy. They're both green, yellow, blue, and white, and loud as all get out. We don't need roosters to wake us up, the birds do it for us just fine. Several fish also live with us. I named them awhile ago, but can't recall all of the names. I'm pretty sure they are spoiled. We used to have a small water crab named Seymour. He died, so now we have Seymour Jr.... even though he's not the child of Seymour. They just look exactly alike, and my sister loves the name Seymour.

I have several obsessions, as many of my friends know. Television is pretty high up there. I know that everyone has their "shows" that they have to watch; I do too, but I'm addicted to TV in general. My television is on about 14 hours each day on average. Usually more than that. Queer as Folk and The Office are my favorite shows ever. Queer as Folk changed my life on an astronomical level. And The Office is just one of the cleverest shows on the tube right now. Other obsessive weaknesses - journaling, the color pink, caffeine, Cherry Chapstick, creating icons, reading nonstop, theater in any form, dancing, Christmas music, and eyeshadow. I have an unhealthy obsession with conspiracy theories, even with the recent ones like 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina. Amazing stuff.

I work at Georgia Shakespeare Theater Company, which happens to be located on my old college campus, and I couldn't be a happier bee. I was completely addicted to that place from my sophomore year on. I blame all of this on Stephen Adams. He was so enthusiastic as a House Manager every time I went to volunteer to usher. His excitement rubbed off on me and stuck. Luckily, they decided to hire me in Box Office out of nowhere, and I've been a stone fixture there every since. I don't plan on going anywhere for awhile. lol. I'm madly in love with everyone there.

Random tidbits:

  • I'm an uber-romantic. My favorite movie when I was four was When Harry Met Sally.

  • I don't give myself enough credit; compliments kind of freak me out. I have a slight inferiority complex. I think tons of people are way cooler than I am.

  • So far in my life, I've had two people to stop and give me prophecies from God. They both said that I had a very special gift, and that I was very different from others. Part of me is afraid I'm becoming psychic. My grandmother and great-grandmother had partial psychic abilities.

  • I'm not a clean freak at all, but I'm a germophobe, and it gets a little worse every year.

  • I very much believe in love at first sight.

  • I think sushi is a god-sent creation. ;)

Remember to love.

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